laura chenicek
Father: An Essential Part of the LandscapeMother: Unfinished BusinessMother: Unfinished Business--side viewSiblings: Knowing Your PlaceSiblings: Knowing Your Place--side viewBrother: He Kept Me In StitchesBrother: He Kept Me In Stitches--detailSisters: Keeping ScoreSisters: Keeping Score--detailWounds That BindWounds That Bind--detailRe-CoveringRelocationCasting BackUn-seenNoticeMoving On: Packing Heavy Thoughts AwayMoving On: Packing Heavy Thoughts Away--zippered view
Family Matters
The word “family” carries with it the idealized connotation that over time bonds between husband, wife and children are nurtured and strengthened creating an everlasting support system. In fact, the definition of “family” is simply: “parents and their off-spring”. The actual nature of their relationship is not stipulated.

In “Family Matters” my artwork addresses the presence of physical, psychological and emotional hurt within familial relationships.

In this body of work, the landscape metaphorically represents family life. It is a place that can be beautiful but that also has dark and hidden areas where harmful events are experienced.

Materials that aid in healing such as bandages, sutures, plaster casts have been applied to these landscapes. These same materials can also be used to cover up wounds. As in previous bodies of work, I use zippers to provide access to something underneath; create a connection between two things; allow two things to be pulled apart or keep something covered up.