laura chenicek
Waiting For My Dog Who Never Came HomeI Was Left to Cry AloneI Never Viewed Adults the Same AgainFear Of The DarkThe DrowningBed Time StoryUnderlying MemoriesPuberty By The BookSeen But Not HeardWaiting For My Dog Who Never Came HomeI Now KnewMother Turned AwayPeeping TomThey Told Me It Never HappenedClosureSelf-Dissolving StitchesThere Was A Strong Connection Between The Two MemoriesScrewed-Up ChildhoodI Was Taught RestraintI Reflected BackNot Just Child's PlayMy Brother Was Given Blocks To Build WithNo Longer ContentUnable To Project Into the FutureBut It Did...Straight-Laced Upbringing--In the DarkToe-The-LineTearsCounterpane #1--Knotted DownCounterpane #2--Embroidered OnIt Crossed My Mind There Was a Common ThreadEven The Close Knit Have Snags and FlawsOvershadowed By ChangeReviewed Bias
Formative Years
Children are often hurt. They can be hurt intentionally or unintentionally and that hurt can be physical, psychological or emotional. Hurt can be inflicted bodily, it can be inflicted by a look, a work or an action. Hurt can also be caused by someone withholding a positive look, a positive action or positive physical contact.

This artwork also deals with childhood memories and access to those memories. I have used various devices, such as zippers, layering and tears to allow, impede or cause hesitation in accessing those memories.

The artwork is presented as keepsakes in small, hinged and clasped, glass-topped boxes reinforcing the idea of retained memories and their accessibility or inaccessibility.